EMV Payment Gateway


EMV Payment Gateway
CRONOS EMV Gateway Switch

Create Powerful EMV
Digital Products such As
Debit, Credit, Prepaid & EMV QR

Enable Real Time Payment solutions in your organization with a PA-DSS Certified Payment Switch that will orchestrate all your payment needs across a host of channels such as ATMs, POS and Mobile Apps. You can now also Issuance Cards, QR Codes fully complaint to EMV, VISA and MasterCard. Our Solutions can be implemented on Cloud and On Premise. Built using C++ and Java, powered by an Oracle Database.


PA-DSS Certified and Listed
Meet PCI Compliance with ease

CRONOS Payment Gateway will allow you to Issue EMV Cards & QR Codes and acquire transactions via ATM, App and POS. Shipped with Pre-Built Adapters and Tools such as ISO 8583 Connectors, Web Services Adapters, IPM and Clearing Files Generators, HSM Connectors which cuts the lead implementation time.

EMV Issuance with Card Management
EMV Acquiring Engine for ATMs, POS, EMV QR
Authorize upto 500 Transactions per second
PA DSS CRONOS Payment Switch

Partner with PurpleFire to ehance your payment offering


Realtime Payment Ochestration

Unified Payment Gateway symphonize all aspects of payment processing for all payment types, all channels, all currencies or any network. It bestows the ability to easily add new products and services, coordinate financial transactions across multiple systems for data enrichment and rapidly identify fraud patterns.


High Performance and High Available Platform capable of handling over 500 transactions per second on minimal infrastructure footprint.


A complete certified platform built with Security in mind. Meet your PCI Compliance with ease and hundreds of built in security features.


Create EMV Compliant Products day one. With our certified modules you can now issue, acquire and authorize transactions with ease.


Securely Issue Debit, Credit, Prepaid, Virtual & Tokenized Cards on our certified host with VISA, Mastercard and UPI.


Securely Acquire transactions from various channels such as ATMs, POS, Mobile, QR. & Generate necessary settlement files.


Pre-Built Modules to help you reconcile with VISA, Mastercard & UPI. Message parsers for T112 and other permiter files.

EMV Payment Gateway

With our Any 2 Any Payment Orchestration Engine, you can now create a steady set of products and services to meet your digital payments strategy.


Any 2 Any Payment Orchestration Engine

With our Any 2 Any Payment Orchestration Engine, you can now create a steady set of products and services to meet your digital payments strategy. With limitless capabilities and configurations you can orchestrate payments from anyone, any device, any time and any where.

Transactions Per Second
Connected Terminals
Payment Processing