Remit to China in 30 Seconds

Allow your customers to send money to China

PurpleFire provides payment gateway services to UnionPay’s MoneyExpress® services. This will empower your customers to remit instantly to any UnionPay’s Card Holder in China.

Digital Consultancy

Connect to our API Platform and directly enable Remittance services on your consumer channels such as Mobile & Web.

Brand Marketing

Take advantage of our ready to deploy WhiteLabel consumer portal that will enable your customers to remit directly from their account.

Performance Monitoring

Allow customers to send money using cash from your brach tellers with our innovative counter top portal. Stay ahead of the competition.

Traffic Analytic

Gain useful insights on the transactions with clear & concise reports. Determine trends and partners for your remittances.

Conversion Optimization

Your Customers can now walk to your agent and remit to China. Ready to deploy APIs to that will integrate to your existing systems.

Social Tracking

Standout with our ready to deploy mobile app that will enable your consumers to remit to china securely from their devices.

Performance Monitoring Tool

Remit to China in 30 Seconds.

Leverage using our Technology and empower your customers to remit to china using UnionPay’s MoneyExpress® services. This will empower users to remit instantly to any UnionPay’s Card Holder in China. Using our wide variety of power tools such as APIs, Whitelabel Mobile App, Whitelabel Consumer Portal & Whitelabel Backoffice Portal. This will enable banks and consumers alike remit funds directly to UnionPay cardholders in China.

Each and every transaction is verified by UnionPay the State Administration of Foreign Exchange of China (SAFE). The recipient will realize the remitted funds instantly in their account. Leveraging of China’s Largest supply chain, this remittance service sits with well in any economy.


No More Queues to Send Money

With Zero Upfront cost to get started, stay ahead of the competition and get started to today. Give your consumers the edge to transcat to their business partners in china with a single click. Directly debiting their account and the receiving party to immediately realise the funds.

China has the largest B2B Network. Imagine the possibility where your consumers paying for their purchased goods while in china using your mobile banking app in realtime. You can enable this service using our Web Services API with no integration costs from our side.